Do you offer installation?

We do not offer installation, we only supply the equipment.

Below is a list of experienced installers that can help you with info on installation and pricing of such.

Choose your zipline and then tell your installer which one you’ve purchased/ will purchase.

The installers are not employed by us, so you pay them for installation separately.

Offaly: Pat  (086) 831 4389

Galway: Marc (087) 2517770

Cork: Shane (087) 7743535 


Which Should I Choose?

This is a personal choice and will depend on how much space you have, how long you want your zipline or how far apart your trees are. 

The domestic kits max length is 30m so if you want something longer you will need to go up to the Commercial grade kits.

We would recommend staying under 45m for garden Ziplines due to various reasons surrounding safety. 

To put things into perspective the Ziplines in your local playground are generally 25-30m and are rarely longer. 


Are they easy to install?

Set up for the domestic kits usually takes around 30 mins when you have existing trees/ posts and will take 2 people, an adjustable wrench and pliers to install. 

The Commercial will take longer due to the weight of the cable and the larger components but shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours.

What’s the difference between the zipline kits?

We have 3 main grades of zipline.

1. Domestic – for private use 

2. Commercial Playground – for use in public areas

3. Commercial Adventure Park – for use in adventure parks by trained operators.

The domestic kits come in 2 different kits:

Optional extra: Brake €55 – a spring brake that sits at the end of the line to buffer the zipline when stopping.

The commercial kits come in 3 options:

(The differences between these and the domestic kits is that they use 10mm cable as opposed to 5mm; the connections are much larger; the trolley is stainless steel as opposed to galvanised steel; the seat is rubber on a chain as opposed to plastic; the brake is a spring brake as opposed to a bungee brake)

  • Tree to Tree connection – comes with everything you need to attach between 2 trees including the brake – these start at €832 for a 30m kit
  • Post to post connection – comes with everything you need to attach between two square or round posts (its important that we know if they are square or round so you get the correct attachments).
  • Commercial Adventure Park Components – Specifically designed for use in public adventure parks these include Trolleys, ZipSTOP, Harnesses and can be found in the commercial section of our website.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, there is a year warranty on all parts.

This can be exempted if there is any indication that the components were used incorrectly, installed incorrectly or were tampered with.