12mm Spring Brake

12mm Spring Brake for use with Commercial cables up to 12mm.

The 12mm heavy duty stainless steel zip-line brake is 3m in length. Designed specifically to fit and work on 12mm wire. This helps to slow down the zip wire trolley at the end of the ride by compressing the spring which acts likes a buffer.




12mm Spring Brake


Zip-Line 12mm Spring Brake Specification:
Material: Stainless Steel Spring
Length: 3.0m

The 12mm Spring Brake has been tested for use in both commercial and domestic environments.

The zip-line cable fits through the middle of this zip-line brake. The brake sits with the tightening bolts nearest to your receiving end. It is best to leave a 6″ – 9″ gap between the end where the tightening bolts are and the end of your wire.

Please note:
Inspect and re-tightened bolts on the spring brake if and when necessary.

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